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Testimonials for Altoona OB/GYN Associates, Inc.

Hello- I just wanted to say thank you. To say that I was nervous about labor and delivery of our second child would be putting it mildly. In fact, I was absolutely terrified after having a pretty traumatic birth experience at a different hospital with our first child. During my pregnancy, I called your office countless times with questions and concerns and although, looking back, I was certainly overreacting- each one of the doctors helped make me feel reassured that everything was fine every time I called. I canā€™t express my gratitude to Dr. Lee and the rest of the staff for helping give me the best birth experience I could have ever imagined- it was truly an enjoyable experience this time around; After our first child was born, we never could have imagined that the words labor and enjoyable could ever coexist in a sentence. I know a large part is due to the wonderful team at Altoona OBGYN. From the moment we arrived at the hospital I felt cared for even though L&D was extremely busy. Again, thank you for all your team did, especially Dr. Lee, to help make the birth of our daughter a memory to look back on and smile. It means a lot to me and I will forever be thankful for the care and experience I had.

Alyse Maslonik

April 27

She was the best doctor I have had. Being my second c section and scared she made me feel good and I didn’t have to worry about anything. I loved her as my doctor, answers all your questions right to the point… Very good at her job. I will tell everyone how good of a doctor she is šŸ˜‰

Self-verified patient of Dr. Liang R Bartkowiak
4 stars
November 13

I have been seeing Dr. Lee for 10+ years. He is a wonderful and caring doctor. He listens to your medical problems and is very proficient in his work. His bedside manner and professionalism makes that annual exam experience more comfortable.

Self-verified patient of Dr. David R Lee
5 stars
May 7

Dr. Zlupko is an extraordinary professional doctor who made me feel completely safe in his hands. His warm welcoming smile helps you relax and I felt confident in him. Dr. Zlupko also has a beautiful sense of humor that I appreciated and helped me have a remarkable delivery experience. Best ever!!!

Self-verified patient of Dr. Ryan J Zlupko
4 stars
December 6

I had a hysterectomy for endometrial cancer and she did the best job on my surgery, she is so friendly and easy to talk to and her work was superb, I healed up so fast and was up and moving the next day. I was also able to go home the next day. My incision healed so quickly, no sweat.

Self-verified patient of Dr. Patricia M Hoyne
5 stars
May 15

Felt very comfortable with Dr. Saleh. He was excellent! Very patient and kind. Did not feel rushed.

Self-verified patient of Dr. Saleh
5 stars
April 16

“I have never before been treated with such care and respect by any doctor or medical facility like I had been treated while pregnant with my first baby. At advanced maternal age, with gestational diabetes and third-trimester high blood pressure, and pre-pregnancy bipolar disorder (which was not being treated because of being pregnant), I had a few things to deal with. So it was suggested I should be induced because of those risks.

Dr. Lee helped jump-start things with a Foley bulb, Dr. Kennedy gave the go-ahead for the induction to start the next morning, and Dr. Zlupko delivered my beautiful baby boy and got the ball rolling for restarting my medication. It’s only been two weeks since that day, and I am still tearing up at the memory of how caring and professional these men were. This practice is by far the absolute best group of OB/GYNs around, and when I am ready to have another baby, I am positive, without a single doubt, that they will take all of my history into consideration, and assist in and guide me through another high-risk pregnancy without blinking an eye.

I do not know of any care provider I have ever had that I could praise any more than this practice. I highly, highly recommend this group. They have my business for life! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Christine J Barkman
5 stars
September 28

“I personally think these are the best doctors/PA-C/LRNP around. My first born was delivered by Dr Bartkowiak and she did amazing! Knowing there was an issue with the cord wrapped around our sons neck, she gave me my chance to have a natural birth and after trying for so long, she said C-section would be the option. She didn’t mess around at all! She was absolutely amazing! My second born was delivered by Dr Kennedy and he also did a fantastic job! I can’t say enough about how well they explain things and the care they give their patients. If we have another child, they will be my doctors again, no doubt!”

Ashley Bender
5 stars
January 8

“Best doctors I’ve ever been to. They were all wonderful!”

Joselynn Sponsler
5 stars
June 18

“Dr. Lee is amazing! He delivered all 3 of my boys. He made me feel so at ease during my first labor and my second which was a c-section delivering twins.”

Katie Lechner Stephens
5 stars
May 30

“I’ve been a patient at Altoona Ob/gyn for 3 years now. These are the best doctors around! Dr. Kennedy is my doctor and he’s wonderful! I recently saw Dr. Zlupko and he was wonderful too! They’ve never made me feel uncomfortable, are always professional and friendly. The office staff and nurses are wonderful too! Thank you Altoona Ob/gyn for the great care you give to your patients. I wouldn’t choose anyone else!”

SaDawna Eshelman
5 stars
May 2

“I love my doctor. She listens well and has a positive attitude.I can tell that these doctors love their jobs unlike other places I have been to in the past.”

Lynz Rene’e
5 stars
March 23